We believe in helping people share their message with the world. That’s why we say, “delegate everything to us, except your genius.” We do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on connecting with your audience. We use our God-given talents on our stage so you can perform on yours. Many podcasts fail because they’re nothing more than a voice speaking. We know that tuning them into a production leads to success and engagement.

We also believe that podcasting and publishing can be successfully intertwined. Podcasts allow published authors to showcase their books and podcasters can become published authors.

Stan Hustad is a long time teacher, international broadcaster, missionary, business performance coach, and is the founder and the leader of What it Takes Radio: A Podcast & Publishing Company. He was trained by the internationally well-known Brown Institute of Broadcasting and received additional training from the BBC. He was also with Trans World Radio and did adjunct work for Radio Netherlands.

He was one of the first to understand and introduce the idea of Internet personal on-demand radio, now known as podcasting. He has produced a multitude of podcasts and will assist you in becoming a professional broadcast podcaster.

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