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The Interesting Ideas Podcast

Do You want to be great? Do you want to master the arts, strategies, skills ,and ways of thinking and performing to be a true world-class Creator Enterpriser? Here is how to be one, here is how to sell like the master creator, how to build a world-class company, and how to be strong, even in your broken places and spaces. And one of the better ways to do that is to continually seek out expose yourself to and create powerful interesting ideas. And that’s what this program is all about. Because great ideas lead to greater influence, impact, and true income and in addition they help you become more interested and interesting. Stan Hustad, teacher, storyteller, broadcaster, and business performance coach is your host, guide, and sometimes

Reaching Your Audience as a Powerful Podcaster

We created this channel to help people become powerful podcasters and broadcasters. Everyone has the ability for happiness and success, but may not know how to unlock it. Knowing how to convey that is the key to unlocking that secret. Some of those keys include connecting with your audience, engaging them, and getting them to listen, believe, and follow you. That can lead to people buying your creation or product and recommend you to others. Everyone has an audience they need to reach, and that is what we help you do. We provide insight to creators, business leaders, storytellers, teachers, entertainers, and anyone with knowledge and a passion, how to reach their audience. It is all we do—and we do it well. This channel will give you the keys to become a powerful podcaster and broadcaster. Remember—it’s your turn, you’re on, and all the world’s a digital stage!

More Power to YOU

He was God the Son, and yet needed to pray. Scripture records that the power of God and the praying of Jesus were/are intertwined. When He prayed “the power of the Lord was present.” In fact, Romans 8 tells us that after he rose, he continued to pray! What is clear is that Jesus’ prayer life was the source of every action He undertook. He says so himself! Well if God the Son needed to pray to get things to happen, then it is clear that we need to do that too. To access the power of God we need to enter the prayer life of our Lord. This will lead to more power of God released in our lives. Hence the title of this broadcast: More Power To You! Week by week we will unpack the principles behind the prayer life of our Lord. Would you join us? If so, then More Power To You!

Cowboy Up Podcast

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