Creator Entrepreneur Group

The Creator Entrepreneur Group will help you promote your creative work and make it sparkle. Come from behind the scene so we can help you reach a wider audience, entertain people, and earn income with your talent. We teach creators how to use the power of podcast broadcasting and use effective social media to reach a worldwide audience. We also help creators turn their words into publications, too.

We feel that authors, storytellers, artists, photographers, musicians, chefs, mixologists, and artisans are professions. Part of your job description is that you need to write, enlighten, paint, photograph, make music, cook, mix, and craft. Any creator knows that their God-given talent is the first step, but marketing and promotion needs to be part of your job description.  

We specialize in creating effective podcasts and offer a unique perspective on how to do them and why the human factor matters. We also offer other services as a complement to podcasting, like digital podcast publishing. Please see our menu of options for all services.

What We Believe

  • Technology can dehumanize a creator, but we want podcasts to humanize you and your creation. They help you connect with your audience on a personal level. Podcasts also allow your audience to connect with you. 
  • Modern media communication belongs to everyone—not just the privileged few who have the resources to use the traditional corporate and broadcast media. Marketing your creation shouldn’t break your budget—it should be affordable.
  • Communication must be relational as well as informational. Our challenge is to be faithful to those beliefs. We seek to provide a real media voice to creators. We strive to help you entertain and enlighten the world with your creation in today’s chaotic media environment.
  • We believe if your creation is important to you, it should be told, shared, and heard. Digital media can make that happen and will live on for generations.
  • Belief, trust, and relationships are built by experiencing, hearing, seeing, and meeting.
  • We believe in helping you to bring your creation to life so you can experience an increase in your exposure, impact, and income.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Do you realize that you are the message? Audiences will tune in to hear or see you because they establish a connection with you.

You must be a powerful storyteller in the audio and/or video media. Engaging hosts tell stories and ask questions. Can you do that?

How We Can Help You

What is your creation, your story, your message, and your mission?

First, we listen well to better understand you, your creation, and your mission. After hearing your story, we offer you direction, counsel, and production help.

We know we can truly do what it takes with our many years of experience. We recommend the best way to program, produce, and bring your creation to life using Internet radio, video, and other digital means so you can do what it takes to achieve your goals.

Yes, there are ways to create your own podcast for free, but it does involve a lot of work from you. We offer you our expertise, at a reasonable cost and do all the technical stuff, so you can keep on being creative and doing what you love.

Still not sure? See what goes into creating a podcast and then let us know how we can help you share your business with the world.

When you’re ready to get started, visit our podcasts page and let’s us know how we can make you a world-class broadcaster.

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