Why Us

There are many ways for you to create a podcast on your own. There are also companies that are willing to do the technical stuff for you. You can also grab your smartphone, start talking, and find a place to publish your podcast. Going either of those routes will get you a basic podcast, but do you want people to listen and keep coming back?

Our team uses their years of broadcast, writing, and creative experience to develop a podcast that will engage your audience. When you make a connection with someone, they want to come back because of who you are and the story your telling. This is our specialty and why we’re different than most other companies.

Our Podcast Creations Include

  • Initial consultation to determine message, audience, format, frequency, and length
  • Professional recording via telephone
  • Podcast title creation
  • Custom cover creation
  • Create music for your show
  • Submit shows to your social media accounts
  • Distribute to multiple platforms, including iHeart radio and Apple
  • Create a dedicated podcast site for your show
  • Produce the show
  • Edit show notes
  • Monetize your podcast
  • Professional broadcast training and coaching

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