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Authors share stories or information about the past, present, and future. They research, they write, and if they’re lucky, they get published. Getting published is challenging in today’s growing digital world. Between traditionally published, self-published, and print on demand, more than one million titles are released every year.

When an author approaches a publisher or an agent, they’re often asked why they’re the best person to write the book. They’re also asked about their platform, which is how they will promote and market the book, and their social media presence.

A few years ago a website and a book trailer were a good platform, but today, that’s not nearly enough. Authors have to find a way to make their book stand out above the crowd.

Creating a podcast can set you apart from other authors. We are not talking about an audio book—that’s a different product altogether. A book may work as an audio book, but that’s not what we do.

What It Takes Radio can help you reach a worldwide audience with various podcast angles. That’s where “share your story about your stories” comes in. We coach, guide, and produce podcasts that will help you spread the word about your book.

We design creative ways for authors to share their stories on a worldwide platform. We consult with you and come up with something that you are comfortable with and inspires you.

What’s the inspiration behind your story? Do you have a character in a book, but weren’t able to share their entire backstory? Do you have tips or recipes that were left out of the book? As you can see, there are many ways to talk about your book, engage people, and make them want to buy your book, without reading your book. Remember, if you’re not passionate about what you’re selling, then why should someone buy your book?

A podcast doesn’t have to be a long series, and it can be just a few episodes to kick-off your new book or get attention from a previous title.

Consider this a new way to advertise and market you book(s) and remember, podcasts are always on the internet. Share your podcast(s) on your website, and social media accounts for maximum exposure.

Ready to investigate how we can help you? Review our services page and then contact us so we can discuss ways to get your book the attention it deserves.

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